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БЦ Президент

President is the first high-profile Class A business center located in the most prestigious district known as the CITY, which will become the focal point of business, political and cultural life of Ekaterinburg in the near future.

Your company operating from an office located in this center will bring into focus its high status and gain new opportunities for forging business relationships.

Among its unparalleled advantages the Business Center boasts the landscaped embankment and the availability of river transport servicing the area of the city pond.

The President Business Center has its own helipad to take care of your needs, so that you could always be in the right place at the right time.

The building facade is designed to evoke the image of a sailing ship gliding along the surface of water. The interior of the business center is styled in exquisite Art Deco, creating a distinctive atmosphere and giving a touch of grandeur and dignity to the hustle and bustle of a daily business routine.

In the library located on the first floor residents and visitors of the business center can pick up an interesting book and indulge in a cup of coffee brewed to suit their tastes or have a business meeting in the informal settings.

Each of the 19 office floors will be singled out thematically, featuring outstanding presidents of different countries of the world — each floor will have the portrait of the president it is dedicated to and information highlighting milestones of the president’s life and the role he played in the history of his country.

Quay of the river Iset Eltsin St.


President Business Center is opening a charging station for electromobiles

The President Business Center will have charging stations for electromobiles; the stations will start operating by the time the business center opens its doors to its residents.

Interiors in the President Business Center: Exquisite Art Deco instead of impersonal high tech.

The RED Management Company is ready to share its secrets of the interior design of the President Business Center.

The President Business Center announces the commencement of brokerage operations.

You can choose an office and make a rental reservation in the President Business Center right now! The RED Management Company announces the commencement of brokerage operations. The restaurant, bank and retail space is also available for lease.



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